On july

Friday, August 5th

July was full of sparks. My July begun in June, with my summer job. I took the train to Aix en Provence and then the bus. I love those winding streets and the warm sun on every stone. It’s another home now. I was scared but all my fears melted when i met my team and all the amazing people that i would be working with. Everything felt so natural and easy. Not much awkward moments, not much weird interactions, just new friends and laughters. I loved the twinkling lights in the garden after work, nights spent folding plaids and eyes too tired to stay open. These nights that sometimes became mornings because the sun was already lifting its rays onto our faces. Somehow this month felt right and good, there were some moments that felt too much, but it was better than it has been for awhile. July was all running in the ocean and being on a rollercoaster, and jumping on a trampoline and hugging someone tightly, this is not what happened but how it felt. It was exhilarating and sunny and beautiful. It sounded like freedom and smelt like happiness. It was probably the best month i’ve had all year so far.

I didn’t know this would be this good, and feel this right. Last year i didn’t go out or kept in touch with the people from my team. This year everything is different. We had diners together and plans to see each other again. We wrote notes to each others and had long conversations that made me forget that i didn’t knew these people all along. I felt included, like i belonged. Like i was here.

I love Aix en provence. I love its little streets, its lovely blinds, the beautiful expensive shops. I spent my Sunday evenings with my dad having slices of pizza and watching movies on our laptops. I loved waking up at 11am because last night i fell asleep at 3. I loved all the restaurant we tried even the ones we didn’t like. I remember the smell of the theatre and the stairs we climbed everyday to get into our uniforms. I loved having the walkie talkie and laughing to myself during the opera. I knew all the songs and all the words. We always shared the « crazies » of the days while folding plaids.

This was a good month.


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